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SignedXml.Resolver Property


Sets the current XmlResolver object.

 property System::Xml::XmlResolver ^ Resolver {  void set(System::Xml::XmlResolver ^ value); };
public System.Xml.XmlResolver Resolver { set; }
public System.Xml.XmlResolver Resolver { set; }
member this.Resolver : System.Xml.XmlResolver
member this.Resolver : System.Xml.XmlResolver
Public Property Resolver As XmlResolver

Property Value

The current XmlResolver object. The defaults is a XmlSecureResolver object.



The XmlResolver class resolves external XML resources named by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). If you do not trust the source of the XML file, you might not want to allow the XML file to access computer resources named by the URI. You can use the Resolver property to control the level of access that XML files have to computer resources by specifying different XmlResolver objects. If you do not want to allow any access, you can set this property to null (Nothing in Visual Basic).

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