ContractDescription.HasProtectionLevel Property


Gets a value that indicates whether the contract has had a protection level set.

 property bool HasProtectionLevel { bool get(); };
public bool HasProtectionLevel { get; }
member this.HasProtectionLevel : bool
Public ReadOnly Property HasProtectionLevel As Boolean

Property Value

true if the protection level has been set; otherwise, false.


bool hasProtectionLevel = cd.HasProtectionLevel;
if (hasProtectionLevel)
    ProtectionLevel protectionLevel = cd.ProtectionLevel;
    Console.WriteLine("\tProtection Level: {0}", protectionLevel.ToString());
Dim hasProtectionLevel As Boolean = cd.HasProtectionLevel
If hasProtectionLevel Then
    Dim protectionLevel As ProtectionLevel = cd.ProtectionLevel
    Console.WriteLine(Constants.vbTab & "Protection Level: {0}", protectionLevel.ToString())
End If


When the ProtectionLevel is set, the HasProtectionLevel property is set to true.

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