IDispatchOperationSelector Interface


Defines the contract that associates incoming messages with a local operation to customize service execution behavior.

public interface class IDispatchOperationSelector
public interface IDispatchOperationSelector
type IDispatchOperationSelector = interface
Public Interface IDispatchOperationSelector


public class QueryStringDispatcherBehavior : IDispatchOperationSelector  
//Define the mapping from the Actions of the message to the operations.  
NameValueCollection actionMap; { … }  

//Implement the SelectOperation method.  
public string SelectOperation( ref Message message )  
            Uri uri = new Uri(message.Headers.Action);  
            string query = uri.Query;  

            string methodName = actionMap[message.Headers.Action.ToString()];  

            return methodName;  


Implement and insert a custom operation selector to customize the selection of the operation to which an incoming message is dispatched in a service application. Assign the IDispatchOperationSelector object to the OperationSelector property to insert the custom selector.



Associates a local operation with the incoming method.

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