ServiceBase.EventLog Property


Gets an event log you can use to write notification of service command calls, such as Start and Stop, to the Application event log.

 virtual property System::Diagnostics::EventLog ^ EventLog { System::Diagnostics::EventLog ^ get(); };
public virtual System.Diagnostics.EventLog EventLog { get; }
public virtual System.Diagnostics.EventLog EventLog { get; }
member this.EventLog : System.Diagnostics.EventLog
member this.EventLog : System.Diagnostics.EventLog
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property EventLog As EventLog

Property Value

An EventLog instance whose source is registered to the Application log.



The constructor initializes the EventLog property to an instance with the EventLog.Source and EventLog.Log properties set. The source is the ServiceName of the service, and the log is the computer's Application log. These values are set automatically and cannot be changed for automatic logging of service commands.

When AutoLog is true, Start, Stop, Pause, Continue, and custom commands are recorded automatically in the Application event log. You can use the EventLog property to write additional messages to that log as well. The component calls EventLog.WriteEntry using this EventLog member.

To report information to a custom event log rather than the Application log, set AutoLog to false and write instructions within the command-handling methods OnContinue, OnPause, or OnStop to post to the appropriate log.

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