SemanticResultValue.ToGrammarBuilder Method


Returns an instance of GrammarBuilder constructed from the current SemanticResultValue instance.

 System::Speech::Recognition::GrammarBuilder ^ ToGrammarBuilder();
public System.Speech.Recognition.GrammarBuilder ToGrammarBuilder ();
member this.ToGrammarBuilder : unit -> System.Speech.Recognition.GrammarBuilder
Public Function ToGrammarBuilder () As GrammarBuilder



Returns an instance of GrammarBuilder constructed from the current SemanticResultValue instance.


The following example creates Grammar objects that support commands to change the background color.

A Choices object (colorChoice) containing the list of options for background colors is filled using the Add(GrammarBuilder[]) method with GrammarBuilder instances that are obtained from the ToGrammarBuilder() method on the SemanticResultValue objects created from color strings.

A GrammarBuilder is then obtained by calling ToGrammarBuilder() on a SemanticResultKey instance, which will be used to key the semantic choices in the colorChoice instance.

private Grammar CreateGrammarBuilderRGBSemantics()   

  // Create a set of choices, each a lookup from a color name to RBG.  
  // Choices constructors do not take a SemanticResultValue parameter, so  
  // cast SemanticResultValue to GrammarBuilder.  
  Choices colorChoice = new Choices();  
  foreach (string colorName in System.Enum.GetNames(typeof(KnownColor)))   

    // Use implicit conversion of SemanticResultValue to GrammarBuilder.      
    SemanticResultValue colorValue =   
        new SemanticResultValue(colorName, Color.FromName(colorName).ToArgb());  

  SemanticResultKey choiceKey = new SemanticResultKey("rgb", colorChoice);  
  GrammarBuilder choiceBuilder = choiceKey.ToGrammarBuilder();  

  // Create two intermediate grammars with an introductory phrase and the  
  // color choice.  
  GrammarBuilder makeBackgroundBuilder = "Make background";  

  GrammarBuilder configureBackgroundBuilder = new GrammarBuilder("Configure background as");  
  configureBackgroundBuilder.Append((new SemanticResultKey("rgb", colorChoice)).ToGrammarBuilder());  

  // Create the final grammar, which recognizes either intermediate grammar.  
  Grammar grammar = new Grammar(new Choices(new GrammarBuilder[] { makeBackgroundBuilder, configureBackgroundBuilder }));  
  grammar.Name = "Set Background Color";  

  return grammar;  


The use of ToGrammarBuilder is equivalent to using the GrammarBuilder constructor that takes a SemanticResultValue as an argument (GrammarBuilder(SemanticResultValue)).

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