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SpeechSynthesizer.SpeakStarted Event


Raised when the SpeechSynthesizer begins the speaking of a prompt.

 event EventHandler<System::Speech::Synthesis::SpeakStartedEventArgs ^> ^ SpeakStarted;
public event EventHandler<System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeakStartedEventArgs> SpeakStarted;
member this.SpeakStarted : EventHandler<System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeakStartedEventArgs> 
Public Custom Event SpeakStarted As EventHandler(Of SpeakStartedEventArgs) 

Event Type


The SpeechSynthesizer raises this event when it begins processing a prompt using any of the Speak, SpeakAsync, SpeakSsml, or SpeakSsmlAsync methods.

The SpeakStartedEventArgs class has no properties, and does not return data from the SpeakStarted event. It is provided to enable application authors to write event handlers for the SpeakStarted event.

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