DecoderFallback.CreateFallbackBuffer Method


When overridden in a derived class, initializes a new instance of the DecoderFallbackBuffer class.

 abstract System::Text::DecoderFallbackBuffer ^ CreateFallbackBuffer();
public abstract System.Text.DecoderFallbackBuffer CreateFallbackBuffer ();
abstract member CreateFallbackBuffer : unit -> System.Text.DecoderFallbackBuffer
Public MustOverride Function CreateFallbackBuffer () As DecoderFallbackBuffer



An object that provides a fallback buffer for a decoder.


This method returns an object derived from DecoderFallbackBuffer that is responsible for performing the fallback operation. For example, of the predefined DecoderFallback implementations in the .NET Framework, the DecoderReplacementFallback.CreateFallbackBuffer method returns a DecoderReplacementFallbackBuffer object, and the DecoderExceptionFallback.CreateFallbackBuffer method returns a DecoderExceptionFallbackBuffer object.

The CreateFallbackBuffer method is called by a decoder when it encounters the first byte that it is unable to decode. The DecoderFallbackBuffer object returned by this method provides the fallback implementation and is responsible for returning the string that replaces the byte or bytes that could not be decoded.

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