TimeZoneInfo.SupportsDaylightSavingTime Property


Gets a value indicating whether the time zone has any daylight saving time rules.

 property bool SupportsDaylightSavingTime { bool get(); };
public bool SupportsDaylightSavingTime { get; }
member this.SupportsDaylightSavingTime : bool
Public ReadOnly Property SupportsDaylightSavingTime As Boolean

Property Value


true if the time zone supports daylight saving time; otherwise, false.


The following example retrieves a collection of all time zones that are available on a local system and displays the names of those that do not support daylight saving time.

ReadOnlyCollection<TimeZoneInfo> zones = TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones();
foreach(TimeZoneInfo zone in zones)
   if (! zone.SupportsDaylightSavingTime)
let zones = TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones()
for zone in zones do
    if not zone.SupportsDaylightSavingTime then
        Console.WriteLine zone.DisplayName
Dim zones As ReadOnlyCollection(Of TimeZoneInfo) = TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones()
For Each zone As TimeZoneInfo In zones
   If Not zone.SupportsDaylightSavingTime Then _


The value of the SupportsDaylightSavingTime property for the local time zone returned by the TimeZoneInfo.Local property reflects the setting of the Control Panel Date and Time application's checkbox that defines whether the system automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. If it is unchecked, or if no checkbox is displayed for a time zone, the value of this property is false.

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