AggregateCacheDependency.Add(CacheDependency[]) Method


Adds an array of CacheDependency objects to the AggregateCacheDependency object.

 void Add(... cli::array <System::Web::Caching::CacheDependency ^> ^ dependencies);
public void Add (params System.Web.Caching.CacheDependency[] dependencies);
member this.Add : System.Web.Caching.CacheDependency[] -> unit
Public Sub Add (ParamArray dependencies As CacheDependency())



The array of CacheDependency objects to add.


dependencies is null.


A CacheDependency object in dependencies is null.

A CacheDependency object is referenced from more than one Cache entry.


The following code example uses the Add method in conjunction with the AggregateCacheDependency constructor to create two CacheDependency objects, add them to a CacheDependency array named myDepArray, and then make the item in the cache dependent on those two CacheDependency objects.

         ' Create two CacheDependency objects, one to a
         ' text file and the other to an XML file. 
         ' Create a CacheDependency array with these 
         ' two objects as items in the array.
          txtDep = New CacheDependency(Server.MapPath("Storage.txt"))
          xmlDep = New CacheDependency(Server.MapPath("authors.xml"))
          Dim DepArray() As CacheDependency = {txtDep, xmlDep}

          ' Create an AggregateCacheDependency object and 
          ' use the Add method to add the array to it.   
          aggDep = New AggregateCacheDependency()

          ' Call the GetUniqueId method to generate
          ' an ID for each dependency in the array.
          msg1.Text = aggDep.GetUniqueId()
          ' Add the new data set to the cache with 
          ' dependencies on both files in the array.
          Cache.Insert("XMLDataSet", Source, aggDep)

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