DefaultHttpHandler.OverrideExecuteUrlPath Method


Overrides the target URL for the current request.

 virtual System::String ^ OverrideExecuteUrlPath();
public virtual string OverrideExecuteUrlPath ();
abstract member OverrideExecuteUrlPath : unit -> string
override this.OverrideExecuteUrlPath : unit -> string
Public Overridable Function OverrideExecuteUrlPath () As String


The overridden URL to use in the request; or null if an overridden URL is not provided.


The OverrideExecuteUrlPath method returns null unless it is overridden in a class that is derived from the DefaultHttpHandler class.

The OverrideExecuteUrlPath method is called only if ASP.NET is running in worker process isolation mode on IIS 6.0, and if the response was not modified before the DefaultHttpHandler object was called. The response is modified by any of the following:

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