VirtualDirectory.Directories Property


Gets a list of all the subdirectories contained in this directory.

 abstract property System::Collections::IEnumerable ^ Directories { System::Collections::IEnumerable ^ get(); };
public abstract System.Collections.IEnumerable Directories { get; }
member this.Directories : System.Collections.IEnumerable
Public MustOverride ReadOnly Property Directories As IEnumerable

Property Value

An object implementing the IEnumerable interface containing VirtualDirectory objects.


The Directories property contains VirtualDirectory objects that represent the directories contained in this virtual directory. To return the VirtualFile objects, use the Files property. To return both VirtualFile and VirtualDirectory objects, use the Children property.

Notes to Implementers

If your virtual-directory structure contains moderate to large numbers of virtual resources, you should take care to minimize the system resources consumed by enumerating the virtual directory.

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