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WebBaseEvent.EventSequence Property


Gets the number of times the event has been raised by the application.

 property long EventSequence { long get(); };
public long EventSequence { get; }
member this.EventSequence : int64
Public ReadOnly Property EventSequence As Long

Property Value

The number of times the event has been raised.


The following code example shows how to obtain the EventSequence value.

// Gets the event sequence.
public long GetEventSequence()
    // Get the event sequence.
    long eventSequence = EventSequence;
    return eventSequence;
' Gets the event sequence.
Public Function GetEventSequence() As Long
    ' Get the event sequence.
    Dim eventSequence As Long = eventSequence
    Return eventSequence

End Function 'GetEventSequence


This is a counter that indicates how many instances of the event have been raised by the application.

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