ControlAdapter.CreateChildControls Method


Creates the target-specific child controls for a composite control.

protected public:
 virtual void CreateChildControls();
protected internal virtual void CreateChildControls ();
abstract member CreateChildControls : unit -> unit
override this.CreateChildControls : unit -> unit
Protected Friend Overridable Sub CreateChildControls ()


If there is a derived control adapter attached to a Control object and the CreateChildControls method is overridden, the override is called instead of the Control.CreateChildControls method. Thus, CreateChildControls can be used to create a target-specific child control set.

For more information about combining controls to create a new control, see Composite Controls.

Notes to Inheritors

If you create an inheriting class and override the CreateChildControls() method, do not call the base method unless you want to add controls to those created by the base method. Otherwise you could create two sets of child controls.

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