ControlAdapter.PageAdapter Property


Gets a reference to the page adapter for the page where the associated control resides.

 property System::Web::UI::Adapters::PageAdapter ^ PageAdapter { System::Web::UI::Adapters::PageAdapter ^ get(); };
protected System.Web.UI.Adapters.PageAdapter PageAdapter { get; }
member this.PageAdapter : System.Web.UI.Adapters.PageAdapter
Protected ReadOnly Property PageAdapter As PageAdapter

Property Value


A PageAdapter for the page where the control associated with the current ControlAdapter is situated.



The PageAdapter property provides access to the System.Web.UI.Adapters.PageAdapter object for the Page object where the Control object associated with the current ControlAdapter object is situated.

The PageAdapter property can be used to access other items at the page adapter level, such as common target-specific functions that could apply to several control types on the page.

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