DataSourceViewOperationCallback Delegate


Represents the asynchronous callback method that a data-bound control supplies to a data source view for asynchronous insert, update, or delete data operations.

public delegate bool DataSourceViewOperationCallback(int affectedRecords, Exception ^ ex);
public delegate bool DataSourceViewOperationCallback(int affectedRecords, Exception ex);
type DataSourceViewOperationCallback = delegate of int * Exception -> bool
Public Delegate Function DataSourceViewOperationCallback(affectedRecords As Integer, ex As Exception) As Boolean 



The number of records that the data operation affected.


An Exception, if one is thrown by the data operation during processing.

Return Value


A value indicating whether any exceptions thrown during the data operation were handled.


By default, ASP.NET Web page and control execution is synchronous. However, data source controls can be extended to support asynchronous data retrieval and data operations. The DataSourceView object supports the Insert, Update, and Delete methods for asynchronous data processing. The DataSourceViewOperationCallback delegate is passed to the data source view by a data-bound control, so that the view can call this delegate when asynchronous processing is complete and notify the data-bound control of the operation's outcome.

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Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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