Page.GetValidators(String) Method


Returns a collection of control validators for a specified validation group.

 System::Web::UI::ValidatorCollection ^ GetValidators(System::String ^ validationGroup);
public System.Web.UI.ValidatorCollection GetValidators (string validationGroup);
member this.GetValidators : string -> System.Web.UI.ValidatorCollection
Public Function GetValidators (validationGroup As String) As ValidatorCollection



The validation group to return, or null to return the default validation group.


A ValidatorCollection that contains the control validators for the specified validation group.


The following code example uses the GetValidators method to return the default validation group.

// Get 'Validators' of the page to myCollection.
ValidatorCollection myCollection = Page.GetValidators(null);

// Get the Enumerator.
IEnumerator myEnumerator = myCollection.GetEnumerator();
// Print the values in the ValidatorCollection.
string myStr = " ";
while ( myEnumerator.MoveNext() )
    myStr += myEnumerator.Current.ToString();
    myStr += " ";
messageLabel.Text = myStr;
' Get 'Validators' of the page to myCollection.
  Dim myCollection As ValidatorCollection = Page.GetValidators(Nothing)
' Get the Enumerator.
Dim myEnumerator As IEnumerator = myCollection.GetEnumerator()
' Print the values in the ValidatorCollection.
Dim myStr As String = " "
While myEnumerator.MoveNext()
    myStr += myEnumerator.Current.ToString()
    myStr += " "
End While
messageLabel.Text = myStr


The GetValidators method returns all the validation objects associated with a specific validation group. You can return the default validation group (all validation controls associated with controls without the ValidationGroup property set) by setting the validationGroup parameter to null.

To validate the members of the validation group, you can enumerate over the collection and call the Validate method of each validator returned.

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