BaseDataBoundControl.ValidateDataSource(Object) Method


When overridden in a derived class, verifies that the object a data-bound control binds to is one it can work with.

 abstract void ValidateDataSource(System::Object ^ dataSource);
protected abstract void ValidateDataSource (object dataSource);
abstract member ValidateDataSource : obj -> unit
Protected MustOverride Sub ValidateDataSource (dataSource As Object)



The object to verify. Typically an instance of IEnumerable, IListSource, IDataSource, or IHierarchicalDataSource.

Notes to Implementers

The ValidateDataSource(Object) method is only called in the BaseDataBoundControl class's mutator (setter) for the DataSource property. Derived classes implement the method to check the type of the object that is set for the DataSource property, to ensure that the data-bound control can work with the type. If the type is not recognized, derived type implementations throw an exception.

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