HttpEncoder.Current Property


Gets or set the HttpEncoder type that will be used in an application.

 static property System::Web::Util::HttpEncoder ^ Current { System::Web::Util::HttpEncoder ^ get(); void set(System::Web::Util::HttpEncoder ^ value); };
public static System.Web.Util.HttpEncoder Current { get; set; }
static member Current : System.Web.Util.HttpEncoder with get, set
Public Shared Property Current As HttpEncoder

Property Value


A reference to the encoder/decoder type that will be used.


The encoder instance that is being assigned to this property is null.


If a derived HttpEncoder type is specified in the configuration file, the Current property returns a reference to the custom type. However, if no custom encoder is used, the property returns a reference to the default ASP.NET HttpEncoder instance.

The Current property is not thread-safe. Set this property only in the application's Application_Start method, because Application_Start runs on a single thread.

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