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RequestValidator.Current Property


Gets or sets a reference to the current RequestValidator instance that will be used in an application.

 static property System::Web::Util::RequestValidator ^ Current { System::Web::Util::RequestValidator ^ get(); void set(System::Web::Util::RequestValidator ^ value); };
public static System.Web.Util.RequestValidator Current { get; set; }
static member Current : System.Web.Util.RequestValidator with get, set
Public Shared Property Current As RequestValidator

Property Value

An instance of the RequestValidator class.


The property is null.


The Current property maintains a reference to the single allowed instance of the RequestValidator class. If no instance exists, a new one is created. If an instance already exists, the current instance is returned.

During initialization, a single instance of the RequestValidator class is created, and a reference to the instance is made available in the Current property. ASP.NET does not create a new request validator instance per request. Therefore, custom implementations of the RequestValidator class must be thread-safe.


The Current property is not thread-safe while the property is setting a reference to the current RequestValidator class.

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