Button.IsDefaulted Property


Gets a value that indicates whether a Button is the button that is activated when a user presses ENTER.

 property bool IsDefaulted { bool get(); };
public bool IsDefaulted { get; }
member this.IsDefaulted : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsDefaulted As Boolean

Property Value


true if the button is activated when the user presses ENTER; otherwise, false. The default is false.


The following example shows how to determine whether the IsDefaulted property is true for a default button.

if (btnDefault.IsDefault == true)
    btnDefault.Content = "This is the default button.";
if (btnDefault.IsDefaulted == true)
    btnDefault.Content = "The button is defaulted.";
If (btnDefault.IsDefault = True) Then

    btnDefault.Content = "This is the default button."

    If (btnDefault.IsDefaulted = True) Then

        btnDefault.Content = "The button is defaulted."
    End If
End If


The IsDefaulted property is true when the IsDefault property is set to true and the control that has focus does not accept ENTER as input. For example, in the Run dialog box, the OK button is the default button. When focus is on the text box, IsDefaulted on the OK button is true because a user can activate the button by pressing ENTER.


If the default button has focus, IsDefaulted is false. This is because the OnKeyDown method handles ENTER, and it is not necessary for IsDefaulted to be set to true.

Dependency Property Information

Identifier field IsDefaultedProperty
Metadata properties set to true None

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