DataSourceProvider.InitialLoad Method


Starts the initial query to the underlying data model. The result is returned on the Data property.

 void InitialLoad();
public void InitialLoad ();
member this.InitialLoad : unit -> unit
Public Sub InitialLoad ()


This method is typically called by the binding engine when dependent data bindings are activated. Set IsInitialLoadEnabled to false to prevent or delay the automatic loading of data.

The InitialLoad method can be called multiple times. The provider ignores subsequent calls once it is busy executing the initial query; the provider does not restart an already running query when InitialLoad is called again. When the query finishes successfully, any InitialLoad call still does not re-query data. The InitialLoad operation is typically asynchronous, a DataChanged event is raised when the Data property assumed a new value.

The application calls Refresh to cause a refresh of the data.

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