System.Windows.Documents.DocumentStructures Namespace

Provides classes to describe the structure of an XpsDocument in terms of sections, paragraphs, figures, bulleted or numbered lists, and tables.



Do not use.


Represents a drawing, chart, or diagram in a document.


Represents an item in a list or outline.


Represents a list of items in a document.


Identifies an element within the hierarchy of elements under a FixedPage.


Represents a paragraph in a document.


Represents a section of content in a document.


An XML element in the markup for XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents.


Identifies the start or end of story composed of one or more StoryFragment elements.


Represents all or part of a story within an XPS document.


Represents a set of one or more StoryFragment elements.


Represents a cell in a table.


Represents a set of one or more rows in a table.


Represents a row of one or more cells in a table.


Represents a table in a document.


The formatting and layout of an XPS document enables different parts of the content to behave in a semantic form such as in paragraphs, tables, and lists. Humans can perceive the semantic structure of the content from its appearance; but the physical format and layout of the markup does not explicitly identify the actual semantic elements. To enable programmatic understanding of the document organization, the System.Windows.Documents.DocumentStructures namespace provides structure elements that can be used to define the document by its semantic parts.

Each page of an XPS document contains a FixedPage element that defines its content in the form of positional text runs and graphics. Through the use of document structure elements, pages of an XPS document can also be associated with StoryFragment elements that define the structure of the page in the form of sections, paragraphs, lists, figures, and tables. The NamedElement class is used to define the associations between content and structure parts of the document markup. A NamedElement is the child of a structural element, such as a table cell or bullet list item that is located in the StoryFragment hierarchy of a page. A NamedElement identifies an item in the FixedPage hierarchy of the same page. The item it refers to is the content of the structural element.

Applications that create XPS documents are not required to include structural markup, but use of document structure elements enhances the flexibility by which applications can access and use the content of a document.

For more information about structure elements of XPS documents, see Chapter 9 and Appendix E of the XML Paper Specification (XPS) available for download at Ecma International.

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