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Application.CommonAppDataPath Property


Gets the path for the application data that is shared among all users.

 static property System::String ^ CommonAppDataPath { System::String ^ get(); };
public static string CommonAppDataPath { get; }
static member CommonAppDataPath : string
Public Shared ReadOnly Property CommonAppDataPath As String

Property Value

The path for the application data that is shared among all users.


If a path does not exist, one is created in the following format:

Base Path\CompanyName\ProductName\ProductVersion

ProductVersion first looks to see if the assembly containing the main executable has the AssemblyInformationalVersion attribute on it. If this attribute exists, it is used for both ProductVersion and CommonAppDataPath. If this attribute does not exist, both properties use the version of the executable file instead.

The path will be different depending on whether the Windows Forms application is deployed using ClickOnce. ClickOnce applications are stored in a per-user application cache in the C:\Documents and Settings\username directory. For more information, see Accessing Local and Remote Data in ClickOnce Applications.

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