ContainerControl.AutoScaleFactor Property


Gets the scaling factor between the current and design-time automatic scaling dimensions.

 property System::Drawing::SizeF AutoScaleFactor { System::Drawing::SizeF get(); };
protected System.Drawing.SizeF AutoScaleFactor { get; }
member this.AutoScaleFactor : System.Drawing.SizeF
Protected ReadOnly Property AutoScaleFactor As SizeF

Property Value

A SizeF containing the scaling ratio between the current and design-time scaling automatic scaling dimensions.


The AutoScaleFactor property represents the scaling factor between the CurrentAutoScaleDimensions and AutoScaleDimensions properties. This value is calculated when it is required. For example, if CurrentAutoScaleDimensions is (192, 144) and AutoScaleDimensions is (96, 96) then the AutoScaleFactor is (2.0, 1.5).

For more information about automatic scaling, see Automatic Scaling in Windows Forms.

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