Control.DrawToBitmap(Bitmap, Rectangle) Method


Supports rendering to the specified bitmap.

 void DrawToBitmap(System::Drawing::Bitmap ^ bitmap, System::Drawing::Rectangle targetBounds);
public void DrawToBitmap (System.Drawing.Bitmap bitmap, System.Drawing.Rectangle targetBounds);
member this.DrawToBitmap : System.Drawing.Bitmap * System.Drawing.Rectangle -> unit
Public Sub DrawToBitmap (bitmap As Bitmap, targetBounds As Rectangle)



The bitmap to be drawn to.


The bounds within which the control is rendered.


The DrawToBitmap method is not supported for ActiveX controls. You can override the OnPrint event and provide custom printing logic if required.

The DrawToBitmap method has the following limitations:

  • An ArgumentException might be thrown for large bitmaps. The maximum allowable size varies by machine.

  • DrawToBitmap does not support the Ink controls for the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 operating system.

  • DrawToBitmap does not draw a child TextBox if the Visible property of the TextBox is set to false.

  • Controls inside containers are rendered in reverse order.

  • DrawToBitmap is not fully functional for the RichTextBox; only the border of a bitmap is drawn.

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