Form.IsMdiChild Property


Gets a value indicating whether the form is a multiple-document interface (MDI) child form.

 property bool IsMdiChild { bool get(); };
public bool IsMdiChild { get; }
member this.IsMdiChild : bool
Public ReadOnly Property IsMdiChild As Boolean

Property Value


true if the form is an MDI child form; otherwise, false.



At run time, MDI child forms are displayed inside the client area of an MDI parent form. An MDI child form can be maximized, minimized, and moved within the MDI parent form. To create an MDI child form, assign the Form that will be the MDI parent form to the MdiParent property of the child form. You can use the IsMdiContainer property to determine whether a form is an MDI parent form.

You can use the IsMdiChild property to determine whether a form returned by a method or property is an MDI child form or a standard form in your application such as a dialog box.


All MDI child forms have sizable borders, a control-menu box, and Minimize and Maximize buttons, regardless of the settings of the FormBorderStyle, ControlBox, MinimizeBox, and MaximizeBox properties.

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