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FrameworkElement.RequestBringIntoView Event


Occurs when BringIntoView(Rect) is called on this element.

 event System::Windows::RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler ^ RequestBringIntoView;
public event System.Windows.RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler RequestBringIntoView;
member this.RequestBringIntoView : System.Windows.RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler 
Public Custom Event RequestBringIntoView As RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler 

Event Type


This event indicates to a parent ScrollViewer (or derived class) that the element that raises the RequestBringIntoView event should be made visible within the scrollable region. The ScrollViewer will then mark the RequestBringIntoView event as handled, by using class handling of the event. In general RequestBringIntoView event data should not be marked handled by any class that does control a scrolling region, or by any instance handler, because doing so would interfere with the intended goal of the element that called BringIntoView.

Routed Event Information

Identifier field RequestBringIntoViewEvent
Routing strategy Bubbling
Delegate RequestBringIntoViewEventHandler

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