DrawingAttributes.AttributeChanged Event


Occurs when a property in the DrawingAttributes object changes.

 event System::Windows::Ink::PropertyDataChangedEventHandler ^ AttributeChanged;
public event System.Windows.Ink.PropertyDataChangedEventHandler AttributeChanged;
member this.AttributeChanged : System.Windows.Ink.PropertyDataChangedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event AttributeChanged As PropertyDataChangedEventHandler 
Public Event AttributeChanged As PropertyDataChangedEventHandler 

Event Type



The following example handles the AttributeChanged event. This example assumes that there is a DrawingAttributes object called inkDA and that the AttributeChanged event is connected to the event handler defined in this example.

void inkDA_AttributeChanged(object sender, PropertyDataChangedEventArgs e)
    if (e.PropertyGuid == DrawingAttributeIds.Color)
        this.Title = "The pen color is: " + e.NewValue.ToString();
Private Sub inkDA_AttributeChanged(ByVal sender As Object, _
                                  ByVal e As PropertyDataChangedEventArgs)

    If (e.PropertyGuid = DrawingAttributeIds.Color) Then
        Me.Title = "The pen color is: " + e.NewValue.ToString()
    End If

End Sub

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