Timeline.CurrentStateInvalidated Event


Occurs when the CurrentState property of the timeline's Clock is updated.

 event EventHandler ^ CurrentStateInvalidated;
public event EventHandler CurrentStateInvalidated;
member this.CurrentStateInvalidated : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event CurrentStateInvalidated As EventHandler 

Event Type


Use the CurrentStateInvalidated event when you want to be notified when a timeline's Clock starts, stops, or fills.

Pausing a Clock does not change its CurrentState. To be notified when a clock becomes paused, use the CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated event.

Although this event occurs when the ClockState becomes invalid, that doesn't necessarily mean the ClockState changed: a Clock that switches from Active to Filling and then back to Active in the same tick will cause this event to fire, but its CurrentState property won't actually change.

The Object parameter of the EventHandler event handler is the Clock that was created for this timeline.

Although this event handler appears to be associated with a timeline, it actually registers with the Clock created for this timeline. For more information, see the Timing Events Overview.

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