ArcSegment.Point Property


Gets or sets the endpoint of the elliptical arc.

 property System::Windows::Point Point { System::Windows::Point get(); void set(System::Windows::Point value); };
public System.Windows.Point Point { get; set; }
member this.Point : System.Windows.Point with get, set
Public Property Point As Point

Property Value

The point to which the arc is drawn. The default value is (0,0).


The ArcSegment class defines only the destination point of the arc it represents; the beginning point of the arc is the current point of the PathFigure to which the ArcSegment is added.

If the arc segment's start point and end point are the same, no arc is drawn.

For most arcs of a particular position, size, and rotation, there are four different arcs that can be drawn; the IsLargeArc and SweepDirection properties indicate which arc to use.

Of the four candidate arc sweeps, two represent large arcs with sweeps of 180 degrees or greater, and two represent smaller arcs with sweeps 180 degrees or less. If IsLargeArc is true, then one of the two larger arc sweeps is chosen; otherwise, if is false, one of the smaller arc sweeps is chosen. The remaining two arc candidates are each drawn in a different direction: Counterclockwise or Clockwise. The SweepDirection property specifies which one to use.

The following illustration shows several elliptical arcs that are identical except for their Point settings.

ArcSegments with different Point settings
Several ArcSegment objects with different Point settings

Dependency Property Information

Identifier field PointProperty
Metadata properties set to true None

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