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GlyphTypeface.RightSideBearings Property


Gets the distance from the right edge of the black box to the right end of the advance vector for the glyphs represented by the GlyphTypeface object.

 property System::Collections::Generic::IDictionary<System::UInt16, double> ^ RightSideBearings { System::Collections::Generic::IDictionary<System::UInt16, double> ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<ushort,double> RightSideBearings { get; }
member this.RightSideBearings : System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary<uint16, double>
Public ReadOnly Property RightSideBearings As IDictionary(Of UShort, Double)

Property Value

An IDictionary<TKey,TValue> object that contains key/value pairs that represent distance information. The key is a UInt16 that identifies the glyph index. The value is a Double that represents the distance.


The RightSideBearings value is positive when the trailing edge of the black box is within the alignment rectangle defined by the advance width and font cell height.

The RightSideBearings value is negative when the right edge of the black box overhangs the alignment rectangle.

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