NavigationService.NavigationStopped Event


Occurs when the StopLoading() method is called, or when a new navigation is requested while a current navigation is in progress.

 event System::Windows::Navigation::NavigationStoppedEventHandler ^ NavigationStopped;
public event System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationStoppedEventHandler NavigationStopped;
member this.NavigationStopped : System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationStoppedEventHandler 
Public Custom Event NavigationStopped As NavigationStoppedEventHandler 

Event Type


The following example shows how to handle NavigationStopped.

void NavigationService_NavigationStopped(object sender, NavigationEventArgs e)
    this.progressStatusBarItem.Content = "Navigation stopped.";
Private Sub NavigationService_NavigationStopped(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As NavigationEventArgs)
    Me.progressStatusBarItem.Content = "Navigation stopped."
End Sub


You handle NavigationStopped if you need to discover pertinent information regarding the navigation request when downloading is stopped. This information is available from the NavigationEventArgs object that is passed to the NavigationStopped event handler, and includes:


When NavigationService raises NavigationStopped, it also raises Application.NavigationStopped event on the Application object.

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