Window.Deactivated Event


Occurs when a window becomes a background window.

 event EventHandler ^ Deactivated;
public event EventHandler Deactivated;
member this.Deactivated : EventHandler 
Public Custom Event Deactivated As EventHandler 

Event Type


A window is deactivated (becomes a background window) when:

  • A user switches to another window in the current application.

  • A user switches to the window in another application by using ALT+TAB or by using Task Manager.

  • A user clicks the taskbar button for a window in another application.

Windows that need to detect when they become deactivated by handling the Deactivated event.

After a window is first deactivated, it may be reactivated and deactivated many times during its lifetime. If an application's behavior or state depends on its activation state, it can inspect IsActive to determine which activation state it's in.

An application can also be Deactivated.

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