Window.Hide Method


Makes a window invisible.

 void Hide();
public void Hide ();
member this.Hide : unit -> unit
Public Sub Hide ()


Hide() is called on a window that is closing (Closing) or has been closed (Closed).


A window is not closed when it is hidden, and neither the Closing nor Closed event is raised. Instead, the window's Visibility property is set to Visibility.Hidden.

If a window is the application's MainWindow and the application's ShutdownMode is OnMainWindowClose, the application does not shut down. Likewise, the application does not shut down if a window is the only window and the application's shutdown mode is OnLastWindowClose.

If you want to show and hide a window multiple times during the lifetime of an application, and you don't want to re-instantiate the window each time you show it, you can handle the Closing event, cancel it, and call the Hide method. Then, you can call Show on the same instance to re-open it.

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