Window.OwnedWindows Property


Gets a collection of windows for which this window is the owner.

 property System::Windows::WindowCollection ^ OwnedWindows { System::Windows::WindowCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Windows.WindowCollection OwnedWindows { get; }
member this.OwnedWindows : System.Windows.WindowCollection
Public ReadOnly Property OwnedWindows As WindowCollection

Property Value

A WindowCollection that contains references to the windows for which this window is the owner.


The following example shows how to enumerate OwnedWindows.

foreach (Window ownedWindow in this.OwnedWindows)
For Each ownedWindow As Window In Me.OwnedWindows
Next ownedWindow


An owned window is one whose Owner property is set with a reference to another window, which is known as the owner window. To find all the windows that an owner window owns, you can enumerate WindowCollection that is returned by the OwnedWindows property.

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