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XmlTextReader.DtdProcessing Property


Gets or sets the DtdProcessing enumeration.

 property System::Xml::DtdProcessing DtdProcessing { System::Xml::DtdProcessing get(); void set(System::Xml::DtdProcessing value); };
public System.Xml.DtdProcessing DtdProcessing { get; set; }
member this.DtdProcessing : System.Xml.DtdProcessing with get, set
Public Property DtdProcessing As DtdProcessing

Property Value

The DtdProcessing enumeration.


The DtdProcessing enumeration contains the Prohibit, Ignore, and Parse enumerators. Parse is the default behavior. The DtdProcessing property replaces the ProhibitDTD property and adds the ability to ignore the DOCTYPE element.


If the DtdProcessing property is set to DtdProcessing.Ignore, the XmlTextReader will not report the DTDs. This means that the DTD/DOCTYPE will be lost on output.

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