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XPathNavigator.MoveToParent Method


When overridden in a derived class, moves the XPathNavigator to the parent node of the current node.

 abstract bool MoveToParent();
public abstract bool MoveToParent ();
abstract member MoveToParent : unit -> bool
Public MustOverride Function MoveToParent () As Boolean


true if the XPathNavigator is successful moving to the parent node of the current node; otherwise, false. If false, the position of the XPathNavigator is unchanged.


For an example of the MoveToParent method, see the CreateAttribute method.


The return value of the MoveToParent method depends on the XPathNodeType of the current node, and the XPathNodeType of the parent node to move to.

The following table shows the different XPathNodeType nodes, and the parent nodes they can move to.

XPathNodeType Parent Node
Root Root nodes do not have parents.
Element Element or Root node.
Attribute Element node.
Text Element node.
Namespace Element node.
ProcessingInstruction Element or Root node.
Comment Element or Root node.
Whitespace Element or Root node.
SignificantWhitespace Element or Root node.

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