FlowDirection Enum


Enumerates values that control the layout direction for views.

public enum FlowDirection
type FlowDirection = 


LeftToRight 1

Indicates that view will be laid out left to right. This is the default when the view has no parent.

MatchParent 0

Indicates that the view's layout direction will match the parent view's layout direction.

RightToLeft 2

Indicates that view will be laid out right to left.


The following contains a few important points from Right-to-Left Localization. Developers should consult that document for more information about limitations of right-to-left support, and for requirements to implement right-to-left support on various target platforms.

The default value of FlowDirection for a visual element that has no parent is LeftToRight, even on platforms where FlowDirection is RightToLeft. Therefore, developers must deliberately opt in to right-to-left layout. Developers can choose right-to-left layout by setting the FlowDirection property of the root element to RightToLeft to chosse right-to-left layout, or to MatchParent to match the device layout.

All VisualElements that have a parent default to MatchParent.

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