FlowLayoutPanel Control (Windows Forms)

The FlowLayoutPanel control arranges its contents in a horizontal or vertical flow direction. Its contents can be wrapped from one row to the next, or from one column to the next. Alternately, its contents can be clipped instead of wrapped.

The topics in this section describe the concepts and techniques that allow you to build FlowLayoutPanel features into your applications.

In This Section

FlowLayoutPanel Control Overview
Introduces the general concepts of the FlowLayoutPanel control, which allows you to create a layout which flows horizontally or vertically.

How to: Anchor and Dock Child Controls in a FlowLayoutPanel Control
Explains how to use the Anchor and Dock properties to anchor and dock child controls in a FlowLayoutPanel control.

Also see Walkthrough: Arranging Controls on Windows Forms Using a FlowLayoutPanel.


Provides reference documentation for the FlowLayoutPanel control.