LinkLabel Control (Windows Forms)

The Windows Forms LinkLabel control enables you to add Web-style links to Windows Forms applications. You can use the LinkLabel control for everything that you can use the Label control for; you can also set part of the text as a link to an object or Web page.

In This Section

LinkLabel Control Overview
Explains what this control is and its key features and properties.

How to: Change the Appearance of the Windows Forms LinkLabel Control
Lists ways to specify the color and underlining of Web-style links in link labels.

How to: Link to an Object or Web Page with the Windows Forms LinkLabel Control
Provides how-to instructions for opening a form or Web page when a link is clicked.

How to: Display a Web Page from a Windows Forms LinkLabel Control (Visual Basic)
Shows how to display a Web page in the default browser when a user clicks a Windows Forms LinkLabel control.


LinkLabel class
Describes this class and has links to all its members.

Controls to Use on Windows Forms
Provides a complete list of Windows Forms controls, with links to information about their use.