ToolStrip Control (Windows Forms)

ToolStrip controls are toolbars that can host menus, controls, and user controls in your Windows Forms applications.

In This Section

ToolStrip Control Overview
Explains what this control is and its key features and properties.

How to: Manage ToolStrip Overflow
Demonstrates how to enable overflow functionality and control overflow behavior.

How to: Enable Reordering of ToolStrip Items at Run Time
Demonstrates how to enable run-time rearrangement of ToolStripItem controls.

How to: Enable AutoComplete in ToolStrip Controls
Demonstrates automatic completion functionality in a ToolStripComboBox.

How to: Change the Spacing and Alignment of ToolStrip Items in Windows Forms
Describes various ways to arrange ToolStripItems on the ToolStrip.

How to: Change the Appearance of ToolStrip Text and Images in Windows Forms
Describes how to define and modify the arrangement of text and images on ToolStripItem controls.

How to: Wrap a Windows Forms Control with ToolStripControlHost
Demonstrates hosting a MonthCalendar control in a ToolStripControlHost.

How to: Create and Set a Custom Renderer for the ToolStrip Control in Windows Forms
Describes how to achieve standard and customized painting in ToolStrip controls.

How to: Custom Draw a ToolStrip Control
Describes various aspects of custom (owner) drawing in ToolStrip controls.

How to: Create Toggle Buttons in ToolStrip Controls
Describes the creation of a toggling ToolStripButton.

How to: Use ToolTips in ToolStrip Controls
Describes defining tool tips for ToolStrip items.

How to: Move a ToolStrip Out of a ToolStripContainer onto a Form
Describes how to have a ToolStrip with no container but a form.

How to: Position a ToolStripItem on a ToolStrip
Describes how to position a ToolStripButton on at the leftmost or rightmost end of a ToolStrip.

How to: Enable the TAB Key to Move Out of a ToolStrip Control
Describes how to tab within a ToolStrip and tab out of it to the next control in the tab order.

How to: Detect When the Mouse Pointer Is Over a ToolStripItem
Describes how to set up ToolStrip items so that they detect when the mouse is over them without having to synchronize various mouse events.

How to: Create an MDI Form with ToolStripPanel Controls
Describes how to create a multiple document interface (MDI) form with ToolStripPanel controls.

How to: Create an MDI Form with Menu Merging and ToolStrip Controls
Describes how to create an MDI form that supports ToolStrip controls and menu merging.

How to: Create a Professionally Styled ToolStrip Control
Describes how to use the ToolStripProfessionalRenderer class to create a composite control that mimics the Navigation Pane provided by Microsoft® Outlook®.

How to: Implement a Custom ToolStripRenderer
Describes how to customize the appearance of a ToolStrip control by implementing a class that derives from ToolStripRenderer.


ToolStrip class
Describes this class and has links to all its members.

Describes the ToolStrip class and has links to all its members.

Describes the ToolStripItem class and has links to all its members.

Controls to Use on Windows Forms
Provides a complete list of Windows Forms controls, with links to information on their use.