Implementing the UI Automation SelectionItem Control Pattern


This documentation is intended for .NET Framework developers who want to use the managed UI Automation classes defined in the System.Windows.Automation namespace. For the latest information about UI Automation, see Windows Automation API: UI Automation.

This topic introduces guidelines and conventions for implementing ISelectionItemProvider, including information about properties, methods, and events. Links to additional references are listed at the end of the overview.

The SelectionItemPattern control pattern is used to support controls that act as individual, selectable child items of container controls that implement ISelectionProvider. For examples of controls that implement the SelectionItem control pattern, see Control Pattern Mapping for UI Automation Clients

Implementation Guidelines and Conventions

When implementing the Selection Item control pattern, note the following guidelines and conventions:

Required Members for ISelectionItemProvider

The following properties, methods, and events are required for implementing ISelectionItemProvider.

Required members Member type Notes
CanSelectMultiple Property None
IsSelectionRequired Property None
GetSelection Method None
InvalidatedEvent Event Raised when a selection in a container has changed significantly and requires sending more ElementSelectedEvent and ElementRemovedFromSelectionEvent events than the InvalidateLimit constant permits.


Providers must throw the following exceptions.

Exception type Condition
InvalidOperationException When any of the following are attempted:

- RemoveFromSelection is called on a single-selection container where IsSelectionRequiredProperty = true and an element is already selected.
- RemoveFromSelection is called on a multiple-selection container where IsSelectionRequiredProperty = true and only one element is selected.
- AddToSelection is called on a single-selection container where CanSelectMultipleProperty = false and another element is already selected.

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