Develop Service-Oriented Applications with WCF

This section of the documentation provides information about Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), which is a unified programming model for building service-oriented applications. It enables developers to build secure, reliable, transacted solutions that integrate across platforms and interoperate with existing investments.

In this section

What's New in Windows Communication Foundation 4.5
Discusses features new to Windows Communication Foundation.

WCF Simplification Features
Discusses new features that make writing WCF applications simpler.

Guide to the Documentation
A description of the WCF documentation

Conceptual Overview
Summarizes information about the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) messaging system and the classes that support its use.

Getting Started Tutorial
A step by step tutorial to create a WCF service and client

Basic WCF Programming
Describes the fundamentals for creating Windows Communication Foundation applications.

WCF Feature Details
Shows topics that let you choose which WCF feature or features you need to employ.

Extending WCF
Describes how to modify and extend WCF runtime components

Guidelines and Best Practices
Provides guidelines for creating Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications.

Administration and Diagnostics
Describes the diagnostic features of WCF

Operating System Resources Required by WCF
Describes operating system resources required by WCF

Troubleshooting Setup Issues
Provides guidance for fixing WCF setup issues

Migrating from .NET Remoting to WCF
Compares .NET Remoting to WCF and provides migration guidance for common scenarios.

Using the WCF Development Tools
Describes the Visual Studio Windows Communication Foundation development tools that can assist you in developing your WCFservice.

Windows Communication Foundation Tools
Describes WCF tools designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and manage WCF applications

Windows Communication Foundation Samples
Samples that provide instruction on various aspects of Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Communication Foundation Glossary
Shows a list of terms specific to WCF

General Reference
The section describes the elements that are used to configure Windows Communication Foundation clients and services.

Privacy Information
Information regarding WCF and Privacy