ADO.NET limitations

Microsoft.Data.Sqlite provides implementations of many of the ADO.NET abstractions, but there are some limitations.

Database schema information

Metadata about query results is available using the GetSchemaTable method.

DbConnection.GetSchema() isn't implemented. This API isn't well-defined, so we recommend retrieving database metadata directly using standard SQLite APIs like the sqlite_master table and the table_info PRAGMA.

For more information, see Metadata.


Microsoft.Data.Sqlite doesn't yet support System.Transactions. Use ADO.NET transactions instead. For more information, see Transactions.

Provide feedback about the lack of support for System.Transactions on issue #13825.

Data adapters

DbDataAdapter isn't yet implemented by Microsoft.Data.Sqlite. This means you can only use ADO.NET DataSet and DataTable to load data and not update it.

Use issue #13838 to provide feedback about implementing DbDataAdapter.

Output parameters

SQLite doesn't support output parameters.

Positional parameters

Microsoft.Data.Sqlite only supports named parameters. Positional parameters aren't supported.

Stored procedures

SQLite doesn't support stored procedures.

Isolation levels

The Chaos and Snapshot isolation levels aren't supported in SQLite transactions.

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