Declared Elements in Visual Basic

A declared element is a programming element that is defined in a declaration statement. Declared elements include variables, constants, enumerations, classes, structures, modules, interfaces, procedures, procedure parameters, function returns, external procedure references, operators, properties, events, and delegates.

Declaration statements include the following:

In This Section

Declared Element Names
Describes how to name elements and use alphabetic case.

Declared Element Characteristics
Covers characteristics, such as scope, possessed by declared elements.

References to Declared Elements
Describes how the compiler matches a reference to a declaration and how to qualify a name.

Program Structure and Code Conventions
Presents guidelines for making your code easier to read, understand, and maintain.

Describes statements that name and define procedures, variables, arrays, and constants.

Declaration Contexts and Default Access Levels
Lists the types of declared elements and shows for each one its declaration statement, in what context you can declare it, and its default access level.