How to: Sign Up for a Microsoft Azure Subscription

To gain access to the Microsoft Azure management portal, you must have an Azure subscription and a Microsoft account associated with that subscription. You use the Azure management portal when you configure Dynamics NAV for use of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as authentication mechanism, or if you deploy Dynamics NAV on Azure.

You will create one or more subscriptions for the Azure account. A subscription is a grouping of Azure services and applications, including the virtual machines. The subscription provides a way to control the access to and the use of the Azure subscribed service. In a situation where you will have multiple Dynamics NAV deployments, you may decide to use a separate subscription for each deployment in order to track expenses related to each deployment. All of the Dynamics NAV components for a single deployment must be deployed to the same subscription however. You can set up different administrators for each subscription as required. For more information, see Overview of Subscription Management.

To sign up for an Azure subscription

  1. On the Microsoft Azure page, log in with a Microsoft account.

    For more information about Microsoft accounts, see the What is a Microsoft account? page.

  2. Choose Free Trial and follow the instructions to create a new account. Alternatively, choose Purchase Options and then choose the agreement that suits your purpose.

    When your account is set up successfully, the Subscriptions page of the Account Center appears.

To create a subscription

  1. If you are not already signed on to the Subscriptions page of the Account Center, then visit the Azure Account Management Portal page and choose Account Center.

  2. Choose add a subscription.

  3. On the Add a Subscription page, choose a subscription offer from the available list to create the subscription.

    You can now use the Azure management portal to manage Azure accounts, subscriptions, hosted services, virtual machines, storage accounts, databases, and more.

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