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End users, automatically This feature is released. Feb 1, 2020 This feature is released. Apr 1, 2020

Business value

Users get a better overview of their data when it is grouped into categories. Some data is best represented as a deep hierarchical list. Business Central empowers developers to design pages for both of these scenarios, so that users can get the best possible overview and navigate to the relevant records.

Feature details

On page objects where a repeater control has the ShowAsTree property set to True, users will experience a new level of efficiency when working with the data tree. Users can easily drill down and back out again, using a keyboard or mouse. They can expand and collapse individual groups or use the Expand all and Collapse all actions.

Exploring the Chart of Accounts Overview using expand and collapse buttons

Developers can also specify whether a tree opens fully expanded or fully collapsed by using the new property TreeInitialState that is available on repeater controls.

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