Archive credit card transaction data


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Users by admins, makers, or analysts Jan 28, 2021 Apr 2, 2021

Business value

Credit card response data can take up a lot of space in a database. Because this data is mostly needed for performing linked refunds, the usefulness of the data decreases dramatically after the business refund policy for a transaction expires. This feature introduces a job that will automatically archive credit card data when it can no longer be used for linked refunds according to business policy, thus ensuring that only critical data is kept for day-to-day operations.

Feature details

This feature introduces a job that can be set up to archive credit card XML authorization response data that's a specific age, as configured by the business user. When credit card data reaches the configured age, the job will put the data in a .zip file and export it using document management. Once the data is exported, it can't be restored programmatically. This is important because the authorization data subject to export is required for linked refunds, so only data older than the linked refund window detailed in the businesses return policy should be subject to export.

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