Work order form simplification


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Users, automatically - Aug 2, 2021 Oct 1, 2021

Business value

Work orders are critical to field service operations, as they capture the customer service required, the work to be done, and when the work must be done. With this wave, we introduce a few simple changes to the work order form that will improve the time and effort required by back-office users and frontline workers to quickly manage the work order’s current state and understand or update a work order's committed service timing.

Feature details

Based on customer feedback, we have identified a number of ways for Field Service to simplify the work order form for back-office staff and frontline workers in the field.

This release includes a few important work order form simplifications:

  • Work order completion dialog: Historically, when a user set the work order to complete, if the work order had bookings in an incomplete state, Field Service would present the user with an error message. With this improvement, we've implemented a dialog to help the user understand why they're blocked and provide them with a simple action to complete or cancel their open bookings and successfully set the work order to complete. This change will help both back-office staff and frontline workers in the field as they navigate a work order through its lifecycle.

  • Simplifying time commitments on work order: Customers have expressed confusion with the multiple fields currently available to track work order time commitments. In this release, we are hiding the Date Window Start and Date Window End fields so that time commitments for all use cases leverage the Time From and Time To Promise fields, including on the Field Service agreements.

  • Label updates: The work order system status labels were simplified. For example, the status label Open - Unscheduled was updated to Unscheduled.

For all new implementations, this updated behavior will be the default; existing customers will not be impacted by this change unless their Field Service administrators or system administrators change the Pre/Post Booking Flexibility Date Field Population setting in the Agreements tab of their Field Service settings.

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