Improve engagement by aligning activity on the right business day


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically - - Aug 31, 2022

Business value

Sellers need to contact customers based on their customers' availability. Thus, scheduling the sequence steps accordingly would help sellers reach out more effectively. A seller's workload can also be optimized by assigning the worklist items to the right working days. Rescheduling activities in this manner sets realistic timelines and makes customer interactions more efficient.

Feature details

When the next activity in a sequence is to remind the seller to send an email after three days, the system currently considers N+3 calendar days for the activity. The seller will have to complete these action items in advance to avoid spills, resulting in an increased workload on the last working day of the week.

With this enhancement, the seller can consider work week and duration schedule from the work hub instead of calendar days while scheduling next steps. This will lead to a balanced workload on work days across the week.

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